Contact The Media – Sonics Fever


My friends Dave and Ian live in the Northwest. They saw something online that the Seattle Sonics were coming back to town. Word on the street was the Maloof brothers were selling the Sacramento Kings to Chris Hansen and a group of investors to bring a team back to Seattle. The old Sonics were sold to OKC and became the Thunder.

Dave and Ian moved quickly.

They own a T-shirt printing business.

They bought a domain name  (7 bucks)

They set up a free store from  ( free)

They designed a shirt that said “We’re Back” in yellow and green.

They put the shirt on the site for sale before they even printed it.

They started tweeting and hitting up social media sites.

They started tweeting @ anyone they could that was already talking about this.

They @ reporters and local news agencies in their area about what they were doing.

They were featured all over local media and even Sports Illustrated.

They sold a lot of T-shirts.

They  will be out of luck once the deal is done and new logos are out and team is in place but he struck while the iron was hot. But who cares about later, they are killing it NOW. By the way, Dave lost 7 pounds in 3 days and worked 90 hours last week.

 A few thoughts for you not just Dave and Ian.

-Respond quickly


-Sometimes you have to – Ready, Fire, Aim.

-Have a strong team that can work quick,

-Know the tools you have (social space) and know how to work them

-Work hard

-Follow your effort – know your passion.

-Ride the wave of culture to get interest

-Contact the media!

If you have not checked out this months videos called “Get on TV” watch it below.


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