Developing A Volunteer Leadership Team

Some quick basics on building a kick-ass volunteer leadership team:

Never go alone. Get people engaged in your initiative from the very beginning. If you can’t take people with you early on when your passion is white hot, then it won’t get any easier for you later.

Get people in on the ground floor. Some people are more inclined to serve with you because you aren’t the big and established ‘old dog’. Use this to your advantage.

Share your vision of the glorious future. Make it straight forward and easy to understand. Practice this every time you meet with someone. Be sure to have it down to 2-3 quick & easy to understander sentences.

Grow Up! The best leaders will come around young leaders when they see your desire to grow up and do something important. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie to accomplish this, but you must be ready to work hard. Have fun, but prepare yourself to grow and demonstrate this with how you carry yourself.

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