Everyone likes a free sticker

My son is 11 years old and loves to skateboard. He skates in the morning before he goes to school. He skates to school. He tries to skate at school but that gets shut down. He skates home from school. He eats an after school snack and then skates some more. His instagram… all about skating. His closest local friends… skaters. His dreams… I think he is doing kick-flips in them by the way he is shimmying about his bed while he snores away.

And now, he and his buddies have started their own skate brand – EternalSkateCrew.com – and that has lead us to many fun conversations about business and marketing. For his birthday some friends of mine and I created a more refined brand logo off of my son’s original idea. Then we printed shirts, posters, created a website, but best of all, we printed a boatload of really cheap tickers.

Everyone likes a free sticker.

And so my son and his “crew” now possess many, many stickers with their skateboard brand. Instantly each kid started dreaming about all of the money that they could make by selling these stickers. These boys want to make some cash! Quickly the pricing structure for these stickers jumped from 25 cents, to 50 cents to even talks about big money such as a dollar for these grand pieces of merchandise.

This is when I shattered their financial fortunes and suggested, “Give them away for FREE!” because… everyone likes a free sticker. I reminded the boys about how cool they thought skate shops and other brands were when they give out free stickers. I pointed out that ALL of the stickers that they have on their helmets and boards they had acquired for FREE. And most importantly, this began a conversation with the crew about how to creative, energetically, and passionately share their brand with fellow skaters, friends and even grandparents.

And this is the great, great challenge of your nonprofit. How will you share your passion for your work and love? Will you always be in money making / fundraising mode to such a degree that you neglect to give away fun, informational, and brand awaking materials, videos or experiences? Your love for what you do must exceed capitalism. At the same the same time, you must think like a brilliant gorilla marketer. How will you engage your new potential audiences in such a way that they emotional connect and you don’t break the bank doing it?

And you do have to ask yourself, doesn’t everyone like a free sticker?


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  • Giang

    September 22, 2013

    Hello. I’m really exciting to know your crew.
    Can u post some pictures or videos ?
    I live in Hanoi, Vietnam and skateboard is beginning popular.
    I wanna have some new skate friends 🙂

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