How To Write A Press Release

The biggest issue is not how to write a press release. It is what to do with a press release. I feel like press releases are a lot like travel agents, cameras with film and landlines. Your parents used them but we don’t. So, a few thoughts as we continue to talk about media and press this month.

Don’t hire some agency or put them on retainer to write you press releases. If you are going to write one make it stand out and keep it under a page. Have a few quotes in it and then let it rip. I get way more into this in the video I posted below and the document behind the video. It is worth your time and a few bucks.

The reason you write a press release or contact press is that you want people talking about what you are doing. They do that for free and you get the word out. It is a win no matter who is covering you and what they are saying ( some would disagree).

I will walk you through our process.

We had an event in Dallas last weekend. We had 100 women from all over the U.S come to Dallas to get trained to reach out to workers in the Sex Industry. We went to Dallas because it is in middle of the country but also has a big sex industry.

We wrote a release ( just in case).

We spent 80 bucks here. That got us all the emails and numbers for all Dallas media.

We sent individual emails NOT MASS EMAILS. The week prior.

The week of the event we followed up with phone calls and emails to the big ones.

4 different media outlets covered our event and told our story. HERE IS ONE LINK

You can repeat this process over and over IF you are interesting and doing something worth while. You have to spend some time and money to get their attention, don’t let someone else tell you you don’t.

Here are the examples of the emails and release –



My name is Craig Gross. I started a website called 11 years ago. We are the leading resource online helping people overcome sexual and pornography addiction. We have been featured in several local Dallas news publications as well as National press over the years.

A few years back we launched a sister site called we we train and develop people to reach out to people in the local sex industry located in their cities. We have 50 cities across the U.S in the network and are constantly adding and training new leaders in cities.

We will be in Dallas, Texas for our first National Training in 2013. We have a great group of people coming from all over the U.S who are passionate about this topic. We have former women from the industry who will be speaking and we will be doing local outreach into some of the strip clubs in Dallas.

I will be available for interviews as well as our speakers and attendees for this event if you are interested in doing a story leading up to this event or covering the event the weekend we are in town.

The event will be at the Le Meridien Hotel @ The Galleria 13402 Noel Road · Dallas, Texas 75240 the weekend of February 8-10th. You can contact me if you would like more information or read the press release below.


Craig Gross

Churchgoers Inside A Strip Club? Edgy Organization Coming to Metroplex

Former hookers and strippers teaming up with seemingly timid, churchgoing housewives? Is this the setup to a bad joke, or a reality? Strange as it may seem, a ministry called Strip Church is making exactly that happen. Strip Church trains and equips women who have a heart to reach out to women working in strip clubs. They provide training conferences each year, developing leaders to start a strip club ministry in their home cities; one such training is coming to Dallas in 2013.

“The goal of Strip Church is not to try to convince anyone to leave the sex industry,” says Craig Gross, founder of the organization. “We believe our role is to encourage women in their value and purpose. We want them to know they are loved and valued, because they often feel alone.”

How do they do that? By actually going inside the clubs to bring gifts, talk with—and more importantly, listen to—the girls with no strings attached. “We believe there is a great need for local churches to get involved in reaching women in the sex industry in their cities,” continues Gross. “Jesus himself connected with women who were ‘in the industry’ in his day. As followers of Christ, the least we can do is to show true love to these women in a tangible way.”

The three-day training will be coming to the Metroplex February 8-10, 2013, and will be hosted at the Le Meridien hotel, by Dallas’s Galleria mall. Speakers will include former sex industry workers Annie Lobert and Anny Donewald, of the organizations Hookers for Jesus and Eve’s Angels, respectively, and Gross himself, as well as other members of Strip Church’s parent arm, XXXchurch.

According to Gross, the training is open to any woman who is “passionate” about this type of ministry. “You don’t have to be a leader in your church, a former stripper yourself, or feel like you posses any special skills,” he says. “The requirement? A true sense that God loves these women and you can be a part of that relationship journey.”

Visit for more info and to register.