Know thyself

It is essential that you “know thyself” and become comfortable and confident with your strengths. Every single person has as least one strength, but a great irony of life is that many people waste their strengths being mired in depression about their weaknesses (none strengths) — this is one of the greatest tragedies to plague mankind through all of time.

How does this relate to starting a brand new nonprofit? There are those who “get it done” and those who want to get it done but do not. And you, you must know which one you are.

Are you a great idea person with lots of heart and compassion who needs to get your hands, head and resources very involved in a mission on a personal, intimate level? Or are you the type of person who can take a discovered need or opportunity and turn a very good idea into a vibrant reality?

Some people are gifted with vision, compassion and very clear purpose. Other’s of us might be less sensory, but more action oriented with detailed plans and strategic steps. Because you have a heart for a cause does not mean you are gifted or called to start a brand new initiative to undertake the mission with a nonprofit startup. Chances are very, very good that you need to inspire and rally the right person (people) to the cause to lead.

“Know thyself” and go Discover Your Strengths.



  • Love it!

  • Catherine

    April 4, 2013

    SO TRUE! And it stinks to admit it but I am most definitely not the “get it done” on my own person. I’m the dreamer. I want to hang out with all the people and do all these different things. Sometimes I beat myself up for it but you are right, I get to be the fun person who inspires people to the cause!

    Luckily, God knew I would need the “get it done” person when He gave me the idea for The You Are Project and partnered me up with someone who was on the other end of the spectrum. So most of the time we can keep each other on task.

  • les allard

    December 22, 2014

    Thanks for this.
    I struggle regularly with prioritizing the direction of my passion. I also have trust issues with handing stuff over to someone else. I have mountains of source material, material to process, to spread a message, but limited time and resources as of course i have a “day job’. i care nothing for recognition or even earning money from it other than sustainability and expanding the message. The giant this message would face is similar and related to the giants that Fireproof fights.
    Right now though i’m still in a content creating mode, but struggle with whether to be devoting most creation time towards books or towards web content. I think that i’m a little more geared towards web content and articles versus a long book.

    I’ve already bugged Fireproof ministry in the past for tips, i’m sure i’ll connect in the future again for more.

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