Leadership and Some NBA history

My friend runs a Non-Profit and he was recently reviewed by one of his employees. He got a C- and then the employee got fired.

If your employees or volunteers gave you a grade what do you think your average score would be?
(The questions would need to be about your leadership and your ability to do your job.)

Would you fire the ones that gave you a low grade?

If you are a volunteer or a staff member and you give your boss a C- or lower I would quit. I think I heard once “An apprentice doesn’t lecture the master. The point is to be careful who you follow as your teacher.”

I have seen so many organizations that lack a solid leader and because of that their organization will never thrive. Don’t be that leader and don’t work for that person either. Chances are the person leading your organization knows what they are doing and with your help and support could go a long way.

Scottie Pippen is in the NBA 50 greatest player group. He played with Michael Jordan who obviously is in the top 50. Together they were great. They were my favorite team. Pippen never was as strong as Jordan but they had success because they knew how to play together and knew what it meant to be on a team. I still have both their rookie basketball cards. Pippen is worth $35 and Jordan’s is worth $3,000. Would Pippen make the top 50 without playing on Jordan’s team? Maybe Jordan needed Pippen just as much… He could sure use Pippen’s help with his Charlotte Bobcats team now.

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