A couple years ago we held an event called LAUNCH501c3. It went so well, we actually did it twice. The idea was simple. Get a bunch of people in the room from all over the United States that think they want to start a Non-Profit or have just started and spend some time together. My friend Ryan and I did most of the teachings but then we brought in a few other friends from Non-Profits we helped start. We even did our own version of Shark Tank at the end of the event letting the newbies “pitch” us their idea. We loved one of the guys pitch so much that we actually took him under our wings and helped launch a new organization called

Reality is we got busy. This was just a passion project of ours and was never about doing something really big but some way we could give back. I wish when I started this back in 1999 there was someone with experience I could have called or spent time with. Instead, I felt like I was on an island for too many years all alone.

For now, we decided we needed to hit “PAUSE” On Launch501c3 but what Ryan and I did was locked ourself in a hotel and went through all our content we shared at this two day event. We have 15 different talks and this is great stuff. That sounds stupid to say since I am on the video but this is great content. You don’t have to watch them in order but they are all below. We reference a “download paper” at the end of each video. We have some of those done but haven’t finished all of them yet. So, hold tight on those. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about any of this hit me up on twitter or email me.





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