We are continually developing Nonprofit Land because we want your first years as an organization to be some of your best. Starting a new initiative should be exciting and rewarding at the same time. We can’t help you avoid every pitfall, but it is our goal to give you the very best in practical, real-world advice to get you heading in the right direction from the very beginning.  We write weekly on the site and have some friends and other Nonprofit leaders chiming in as well from time to time.

This site is focused on Nonprofits. Whether you have just started or you have been around for years we think we can help.

Heck, you might not even need to form your own nonprofit… we want to help you figure all of that out.

  • Blogs – Quick hitting thoughts and tips to make you better.
  • Videos –Behind the scenes, giving you a feel for why things work and how to make them work better.
  • Resources – Free & fee, we know these tools work and will make your organization stronger.
  • White papers – In-depth & step-by-step these papers lay the ground work for setting up and running your new organization.
  • Interviews – It’s like sitting down in personal with successful nonprofit start-up leaders to get the how-to answers that you want to know.
  • Exclusive online coaching – Random times, limited availability. Keep your eyes open.
  • Hot deals – When we can twist some arms to get great deals you will get in too!