You can find this junk on the internet, so we are just saving you the steps. Who knows what you really want to know about us, but we will tell you the idiotic and the important things about ourselves. Soon you will see that we are two passionate leadership (both high ‘D’ on the disc test) who have found a successful partnership together despite some of our very divergent interests. We met in college and we both hated the school experience. Neither of us could wait to be out of the classroom and doing stuff in the real world. I offered Ryan a job for about 10 years and finally in 2008 he took it. Together, we have been working side by side for the last 6 years in our nonprofit and developing leaders who of other nonprofits. We both still have our hair although Ryan’s is showing a bit more of grey. Ryan likes to hike and spend time outdoors while I like room service and nice hotels. We both blog on our personal sites as well even though I have know idea why Ryan’s is called Red Bike. I don’t think he rides a red bike. I don’t know but I drive an Orange Prius and that is a sucky name for a blog so I defer to my name.