Every week we receive emails to our nonprofit from people who want or are starting a non-profit. These emailers are sincere, passionate, motivated people who are starting a brand new non-profit. Each person is looking for advice, instruction, direction and so much more. After 14 years of nonprofit leadership and full time ministry, we have decided it is about time to do something to help. We don’t know it all, but we have experienced quite a lot. We have done work on a small scale and on a international level as well. Our simple mission is to provide you with the very best resources to accelerate your launch and your learning. Sincerely, we hope you will succeed and find NonprofitLand to be a place that you can count on for your organization’s growth.


Craig & Ryan

More about our origins?

Fireproof was started by Craig Gross in January of 1999.  Years late Fireproof Ministries became a launching pad for new nontraditional ministries and projects.

Fireproof Ministries has launched several new projects over the last ten years:

We have helped to launch a number of other great people, organizations and ministries along the way including: